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Q.1 Do you have to make reservation to come to the store and have test ride?

You do not have to make reservation.
You are welcome to come to the store anytime during opening hours.

Q.2 Is it possible to make reservation to purchase Brompton “P Line”?

There are some “P Line” models that are available.
Please kindly contact us or visit our store to check “P Line” model availability.

Q.3 Is there are plan to sell Brompton “A Line”, and “Electric C Line”?

Currently there is not yet plan to sell Brompton “A Line”, “Electric C Line”, and “T Line”.
Once the reservation timing for purchasing Brompton “A Line”, “Electric C Line”, and “T Line” is determined, we may announce through our store’s social media.

Q.4 Is it possible to order by Brompton Bike Builder?

There is an order system called “Bike Builder” for Brompton.
Currently this order system is not in service. Whenever, this service become resumed we may announce through our store’s social media.

Q.5 Do you sell bicycles by ONLINE?

When we sell bicycle, we ask customers to come to the store to receive necessary explanation related to the bicycle. As for products which we sell through ONLINE, please refer to below website.;
Online Shop :

Q.6 Do you send bicycle?

For bicycles which we have explained necessary points related to the bicycle, we send bicycles to customers.
Furthermore, as for maintenance or repairment, it is possible for customers to send bicycle to our stores.
Once maintenance or repairment is accomplished, it is possible to send bicycle to customers by collect charge of “Yu-Pack” service. The outer carton size would be 160.
Here is the link of delivery cost by“Yu-Pack”.;

Q.7 Is it possible to pay by credit card?

It is possible to pay by following credit cards.;

Q.8 Is it possible to pay by e-money?

It is possible to pay by e-money such as QUICPay/ID/UnionPay, as well as other prepaid transportation cards such as SUICA, PASMO etc.

Q.9 Is it necessary to pay deposits?

We do not receive deposits. We receive payment at time of handing the products to customers.

Q.10 When purchasing bicycle, is it possible to take the bicycle on the day of purchase of the bicycle?

For bicycles that have finished pre-delivery inspection and maintenance, it is possible to hand the bicycle on the day of purchase of bicycle.
If pre-delivery inspection and maintenance of the bicycle is not yet finished, it would be possible to hand the bicycle in between from the next day up to around 1 week after the purchase of bicycle.

Q.11 Is there other necessary things to purchase beside bicycle?

Beside bicycle, there are customers who purchase Brompton front luggage, front light, locks, kick-stand, bicycle carrying bags, rear frame guards, smart phone holders etc.
For more details, please kindly ask store staffs.

Q.12 Is it necessary to accomplish bicycle theft prevention registration?

When customer purchase bicycle, we recommend customer to accomplish bicycle theft prevention registration.
This registration allows to prove who the owner of bicycle is, if in case your bicycle is being stolen or kept unattended.
Period of validity of registration is 10 years and costs Yen 660(tax free) for Tokyo.

Q.13 Is it possible to ask for maintenance or repairment of Brompton bicycle that was purchased at another store?

At our store, we accomplish inspection as well as minimal adjustment by free of charge.
If in case it becomes chargeable, we will explain to customers.
If customers accept to accomplish chargeable inspection, maintenance or repairment, we will accomplish these services.
Please feel free to contact us.
Following link shows you the rough guideline of prices of maintenance.;

Q.14 For repairment, is it possible to take back the bicycle on the same day that customer bring in the bicycle?

It depends on the content of repairment as well as congestion situation, but we try best to hand the bicycle on the day customer brings bicycle to the store. We recommend customers to make reservation for maintenance from below link, since maintenance is given priority by the order of reservation.;

Q.15 Is there stock for year 2023 model bicycle?

There are some year 2023 model bicycles but they are very limited.
Thus, we recommend to make reservation in advance.

Q.16 For other inquiries, please contact us from below link.;

Link for inquiries :

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